Monday, November 15, 2010

4 reasons to use tire chains this year

So I was out and about today, picking up a few odds and ends at my local Wallyworld, when I saw the seasonal display of artificial Christmas tree's prequipped with lights and ornaments,all thoughtfully arranged and accented with tinsel and beautifully designed to give you that feeling of semi-synthetic holiday cheer. At that moment It hit me abruptly like a brick in the face, winter is coming.

The feeling of dread rushed through my body as If I had just shot an IV full of tiny shards of glass in the biggest vain in my neck.  Now please don't take me for a Grinch, I love the holidays, honestly I am festive like a mofo, I just would like them to occur during a warmer time of the year.  Winter means chapped lipped, dry skin, heating bills, snow shoveling, bitterly cold morning ( which are always coldest when you have to get straight out of bet), congestion, missing gloves, and most terribly winter driving.

Tire chains are just what they sound like, metal linked chains affixed to the tires of vehicles in order to provide traction when driving through snow and ice and are a great alternative to snow tires and in my opinion are the better option for winter conditions for several reasons:
  1. Cost :Tire chains can cost anywhere from 30 to 150 dollars a set where snow tires start at around 65 and could cost your well into a few hundred dollars.
  2. Convenience: Its either gonna cost you a pretty penny or a few hours to install snow tires while decent quality tire chains ( like the Grip pictured at the begging of the this post ) can be installed in just a few moments, meaning you can take them on and off when needed.
  3. Portability: Tire chains can be stored in your glove box or trunk easily they hardly take up any room, making them easy to always have on hand .
  4. Better Traction in deeper snow, which is great if you live in a community like mine, where roads are not cleared right away if at all.

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