Friday, November 12, 2010

Tips on buying concert tickets

Here are a few tips of buying concert or sports event tickets

  1. If possible always buy your tickets at the box office , this way you will avoid any other fees that websites and ticket brokers will tack on.
  2. If your buying tickets online make sure the company you are buying them from is legit you don't want to get scammed on your Chicago Bull tickets.
  3. If you miss out on buying tickets check with the box office, a lot of times tickets are bought in groups and people have to return a few, its a long shot , but you may just get your Utah Jazz tickets that way.
  4. Check for group rates, if you have a party of 15 or 20 people going to see the Detriot Pistons, you will probaly get a discount on each ticket.
  5. Try to avoid using ticket brokers at all cost, they are in the business of supply and demand and will up charge ridiculously when tickets become unavailable for your Miami Heat tickets.
  6. If buying tickets on ebay, always make sure the check the sellers comments and ratings.
  7. I highly suggest not buying event tickets on craiglist, but if you do , make sure you have all the sellers contact info (Name,phone number (try and use this to get his address),facebook page, hopes and dreams, ect) this way if the deal goes sour or the tickets are not legit , you could try and pursue further action against him/her.

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