Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Awesome Theme Hack guide

This is a great guide with a lot of info on how to pimp your desktop, it is especially great for those of us obsessed with customization.  If your gonna have something make damn sure its yours right?

Google PageRank

So I must admit I am very new to blogging and have been doing quite a bit of research as of lately as to what makes a blog successful, and as I am sure some of you have noticed there is ALOT of information out there relating to SEO ( search engine optimization), so much so that is is almost overwhelming (ok completely overwhelming).  So when I came past this amazing infographic (and if you read my blog, I am sure you already know I have a hard-on for these things) about Google PageRank, I knew I had to share it, it really had summarized most of what took me hours to try to understand from about a million websites.  It's a little embarrassing to say that as of now I belong to the marching band, so I am gonna start shooting for the drama crowd.

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