Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hangover Remedies


Happy Halloween buddies.  I know most of you are probably heading out to Halloween parties tonight and with the horrid luck of Halloween falling on a Sunday this year you will probably have to work in the morning.  If your like me you will be suffering from a massive deadly hangover .  I have found that nothing instantly cures a hangover, but here are some tips to make it a little better:

  1. Drink water, you know damn well that a hangover is caused mostly by dehydration so get that water in you.
  2. Gatorade or Bullion water will help you replenish all that salt you lost and make you feel a bit better.
  3. ASPIRIN I don’t know why , but most of my friends and family like to ignore the fact that aspirin exists, anyway take 2 for your headache
  4. Eat a bagel or muffin or something starchy to absorb that nasty stuff in your guts and slow the alcohol absorption.
  5. Wait it out, it will only get better with time , I have never in my life found an instant hangover cure, your going to have to suffer for a bit.

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