Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Speed Reading Tips

The internet is more popular and necessary now than ever, unlimited resources and information growing exponentially every second, its a beautiful thing really.  The benefits and possibilities are almost limitless.  It has entirely changed the way people learn, communicate and entertain themselves, in ways only dreamed of before.  We may not have flying cars or live in outer space, but we are living in a world The Jetson's couldn't even compare to. 

With all this information available to us right in our living room or bedroom or even through or mobile phone or netbook it is more important than ever to be able to read and comprehend quickly because 90% of the internet is comprised of text.  Speed Reading is no doubt an invaluable skill that should be developed and constantly improved, even for those of us who just want to sort through our email.

Here are a few tips

  1. Time yourself - this doesn't have to be an official time just take not of how long it takes you to read maybe 1 page or so of text just so you can know if you are improving or not.
  2. Stop reading outloud or saying the words in your head, its a waste of time and once you stop doing it, you will see that you still comprehend just as much.
  3. Get rid of distractions
  4. Try not to reread, most people get in the habit of going back and rereading sentences to make sure they understood what they said, this is usually unnecessary and the further content of what you are reading will help you memory decide what you had read. Only reread sentences or passages when absolutely necessary.
  5. PRACTICE, speed reading is a skill that must be trained and developed. This can be achieved through speed reading software, reading novels, or even just be reading blogs such as this one, just try to focus on reading quickly and digesting the information (there is no point of reading faster than you can comprehend).

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